Style In Luxury Tweeds This Season

This season in the Marc Wallace collection British tweeds and textured fabrics are a key look. From vibrant colours, textured plains to the traditional. British tweeds have a great history, originating from the Scottish Outer Hebrides, tweed is hand-woven by crofters who would use their own wool to create the fabric, there is no other fabrics like it.

Grey Tweed Suit Designs Marc Wallace Collection


Marc Wallace-Tailored-Grey-Tweed-Suit-Fashion-Menswear

Textured British woven grey tweed, single breasted one button jacket with flat front trousers, check wool & cashmere waistcoat, white shirt, floral print tie.

Summer Floral-Lining-Marc Wallace-Tailored-Grey-Tweed-Suit-Fashion-Menswear

We treated this suit to a funky colourful floral print lining, if you’re opting for a classic grey suit, bright linings can add a bit of a twist to jazz up your day! We have a wide selection of printed and woven linings to choose from.

Horn Buttons-Marc Wallace-Tailored-Grey-Tweed-Suit-Fashion-Menswear

Remember it’s the little details that count with with your outfit, from perhaps adding a twist of colour to the under collar, to selecting some stylish horn buttons as a finish for your jacket.

Slim Cut Trousers-Marc Wallace-Tailored-Grey-Tweed-Suit-Fashion-Menswear

Here we have designed and tailored a pair of slim cut trousers with frog mouth pockets.

Check Waistcoat-Marc Wallace-Tailored-Grey-Tweed-Suit-Fashion-Menswear

Cashmere mixed with wool will add a touch of luxury to your waistcoat.


Instagram Fashion Style

Instagram-Style-Fashion-Menswear-Marc Wallace

Three piece herringbone brown tweed suit with patch pockets and peak lapels


Donegal Tweed Black-Tweed-Luxury-Formal-Casual Style-Marc Wallace


These two tweeds are perfect for evening wear events and nights out, black and a soft grey donegal tweed.

Donegal Tweeds-Tweed-Luxury-Formal-Casual Style-Marc Wallace

Adding a touch of colour, beautiful deep purple, rich evening red and soft pink, loving these colours.



A selection of beautiful tweeds perfect for a formal event like a wedding or red carpet event or stylish casual.

Tweed Cloth Checks Herringbones and Plain Weave

Animal Print-Lining-Cerise-Pink-Navy-Suit-Tweed-Wool-Tailored Suit-Marc Wallace

Tweed Cloth Lambswool Herringbone and Plain Weave copy

Tweed Cloth Shetland Herringbone and Plain Weave

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