World Cup Football Gareth Southgate The Waistcoat

World Cup Trend-Football-Marc Wallace

With the world cup upon us this is the time to shine for players and managers. English manager Gareth Southgate stole the show looking sharply dressed in a sleek navy waistcoat as part of a tailored 3 piece suit. Spending a lot of time on the side lines with his jacket off, the waistcoat has taken centre stage. Gareth Southgate kept his look classic with a tailored navy suit, matching single breasted waistcoat, pale blue cotton shirt and striped navy tie.

World Cup-Waistcoat-Gareth Southgate-Football-England-Navy Waistcoats-Suit


Getting the Gareth Southgate look: We have this beautiful textured navy wool suit with matching waistcoat, pale blue cotton shirt and red striped tie from the Marc Wallace collection. Available made to measure, to order and ready to wear.

Textured-Weave-Navy-Wool-Suit-Tailored-Wool-Striped Tie-Blue Shirt-Marc Wallace


Suited and Booted

The Southgate Waistcoat-Navy Waistcoats-Wool-Single Breasted-Menswear FashionThe Waistcoat (Buy)

Tailored Navy Trousers-World Cup-Gareth Southgate The Look

The Trousers

Marc Wallace-Pale Blue Shirt-Cotton Shirts-Gareth Southgate-The Look

The Shirt (Buy)

Marc Wallace Striped Tie-Red Ties-World Cup Gareth Southgate-The Look

The Tie (Buy)


Over the years waistcoats have come in and out of fashion, with three piece suits always a love at Marc Wallace. With Gareth Southgate at the helm of the waistcoat trend, this little number is firmly back to stay.

Waistcoat-Pale Blue-Navy-Pale Blue Shirt-Blue Tie-Skull Lining-Silver Skulls

With a waistcoat the back is just as important as the front, above we have an airforce blue wool and cashmere waistcoat with a navy and silver skull lining.

Waistcoat-Navy Blue Waistcoats-Wool-Single Breasted-Menswear Fashion

Looking for a waistcoat to wear with a navy suit, jeans or cotton trousers? Then this textured light weight tweed waistcoat is perfect for you, £195, white round collar shirt £89 (Buy), ivory floral cotton textured tie £59 (Buy)

Waistcoat-Navy Waistcoats-Wool-Single Breasted-Menswear Fashion

Touch of luxury from Italy, a navy two-tone textured cloth makes a beautiful waistcoat, wear this with a navy or mid grey suit, jeans or cotton trousers, £295 (Buy), styled with a white round collar shirt £89 (Buy), Venice beach floral cotton tie £59 (Buy)

Waistcoat-Grey Waistcoats-Wool-Double Breasted-Menswear Fashion

Something different, try the Marc Wallace double breasted waistcoat. Best worn with a suit or jacket finished off with a tie. This waistcoat was made using our beautiful mid grey textured tweed £325 (Buy), styled with a classic white shirt £79 (Buy), Navy Donegal tweed tie £69 (To Order)

Waistcoat-Electric Blue Waistcoats-Wool-Single Breasted-Menswear Fashion

Brighten up the look with this electric blue 4 button waistcoat, works well with a dark navy suit or as a 3 piece. Styled with a pale blue shirt £89 (Buy), tie textured navy floral £59 (Buy)

For further information on our waistcoat and fabrics please drop us a line

Style In Luxury Tweeds This Season

This season in the Marc Wallace collection British tweeds and textured fabrics are a key look. From vibrant colours, textured plains to the traditional. British tweeds have a great history, originating from the Scottish Outer Hebrides, tweed is hand-woven by crofters who would use their own wool to create the fabric, there is no other fabrics like it.

Grey Tweed Suit Designs Marc Wallace Collection


Marc Wallace-Tailored-Grey-Tweed-Suit-Fashion-Menswear

Textured British woven grey tweed, single breasted one button jacket with flat front trousers, check wool & cashmere waistcoat, white shirt, floral print tie.

Summer Floral-Lining-Marc Wallace-Tailored-Grey-Tweed-Suit-Fashion-Menswear

We treated this suit to a funky colourful floral print lining, if you’re opting for a classic grey suit, bright linings can add a bit of a twist to jazz up your day! We have a wide selection of printed and woven linings to choose from.

Horn Buttons-Marc Wallace-Tailored-Grey-Tweed-Suit-Fashion-Menswear

Remember it’s the little details that count with with your outfit, from perhaps adding a twist of colour to the under collar, to selecting some stylish horn buttons as a finish for your jacket.

Slim Cut Trousers-Marc Wallace-Tailored-Grey-Tweed-Suit-Fashion-Menswear

Here we have designed and tailored a pair of slim cut trousers with frog mouth pockets.

Check Waistcoat-Marc Wallace-Tailored-Grey-Tweed-Suit-Fashion-Menswear

Cashmere mixed with wool will add a touch of luxury to your waistcoat.


Instagram Fashion Style

Instagram-Style-Fashion-Menswear-Marc Wallace

Three piece herringbone brown tweed suit with patch pockets and peak lapels


Donegal Tweed Black-Tweed-Luxury-Formal-Casual Style-Marc Wallace


These two tweeds are perfect for evening wear events and nights out, black and a soft grey donegal tweed.

Donegal Tweeds-Tweed-Luxury-Formal-Casual Style-Marc Wallace

Adding a touch of colour, beautiful deep purple, rich evening red and soft pink, loving these colours.



A selection of beautiful tweeds perfect for a formal event like a wedding or red carpet event or stylish casual.

Tweed Cloth Checks Herringbones and Plain Weave

Animal Print-Lining-Cerise-Pink-Navy-Suit-Tweed-Wool-Tailored Suit-Marc Wallace

Tweed Cloth Lambswool Herringbone and Plain Weave copy

Tweed Cloth Shetland Herringbone and Plain Weave

For further information on our tweed fabrics, suits, jackets and accessories please drop us a line at


Wimbledon Tennis Champions Fashion and Style at SW19


Old Skool-Wimbeldom-Tennis-Style-SW17-Marc-Wallace

The most prestigious and oldest tennis tournament in the world, Wimbledon. Fashion & Style old and new



This is what it’s all about, the gentlemen’s singles Trophy. First presented by the All England Club in 1887 which replaced the Field Cup (1877-1883) and the Challenge Cup (1884-1886) which were both won by William Renshaw

The Cup, which is made of silver gilt, stands 18 inches high and has a diameter of 7.5 inches. The inscription on the Cup reads: “The All England Lawn Tennis Club Single Handed Championship of the World”. Around the bowl are engraved the dates and names of the Champions. In 2009, there being no space left to engrave the names of the Champions, a black plinth with an ornamented silver band was designed to accompany the Cup.

Champions receive a three-quarter size replica of the Cup bearing the names of all past Champions (height 13.5 inches).


Marc Wallace-Tennis Style-Fashion


Wimbledon champion Andy Murray, wearing a classic black tailored evening dinner suit with satin lapels, styled with white evening shirt and black satin bowtie. Right: Marc Wallace one button evening suit, black floral silk lapels, white evening shirt, black bowtie.


Bjorn Borg 1970s, wearing an ivory suit cut with square shoulders, trousers straight leg, white shoes, white shirt, multi striped tie. Great picture. Right: Ivory shawl collar evening jacket (Part of Suit £995), white shirt £79, black velvet bowtie £59.


Novak Djokovic wearing a tailored black dinner suit, white evening suit, skinny black bowtie and black evening shoes, stylish looking couple. Right: Black textured shawl collar dinner suit (To order £1195), white Oxford shirt £125, houndstooth black silk tie £69.


Roger Federer’s Wedding, Roger is wearing a black three piece suit, white shirt, ivory tie and pocket square.

Rafael-Nadal-Wimbledon-Winner-Evening Wear-Suit-Marc-Wallace

Rafael Nadal with his wife, looking stylish in a black sharp tailored suit, white shirt and black textured tie. Right: Black dot shawl collar evening suit ( To order £1395), white shirt £79, narrow navy paisley tie, blue silk pocket square £59.



One of the iconic images from the great rivalries in sports, Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe at Wimbledon. These guys changed the sport with their playing style and fashion on court.


Looking back to 1905, tennis fashion. Getting dressed up was the order of the day, Here’s the Australian tennis team looking dandy back in the day.


Summer Floral Printed Wedding Tie

Floral Tie-Summer Colours-Marc Wallace-Accessories-Groom-Wedding

A great way to lift up your wedding look this season by wearing a colourful tie, from the groom, best-man, ushers and father of the bride, all linking together is a perfect way to add fun and style to your wedding party with out braking the bank.


Summer Floral Tie-Marc Wallace-Groom-Wedding-Ushers-Bestman

The guys together look sharp in mid blue textured 3 piece suits, with a Marc Wallace summer floral printed tie.Wedding Suits Styled with Summer Floral Ties-Marc Wallace-Groom-Wedding-Ushers


MW floral print summer tie, navy base with a colourful floral design: Tie £59

Cotton Floral Tie-Summer Ties-Marc Wallace-Groom-Wedding-Ushers

Great way to add an extra dash of colour to the wedding party’s suit is by using matching pocket square: Pocket square £15.95

Hankys-Cotton Floral-Pocket Squares-Marc Wallace-Groom-Wedding-Ushers


We’re always on hand to help and give advice. If you need further information, fabric swatches, or would like to book an appointment for something made to order, email



Luxury Linings Printed and Woven Design Jacket Lining Tailored

Picking a great lining for inside you jacket has alway been a fun experience in mens tailoring. Over the years the lining in side a mans tailored jacket has been area where you can let go, add a slash of colour, pick a funky print, or go for a classic like to polka dot to a paisley.

Featured Printed Lining-Suit-Tailored-Bespoke

At Marc Wallace we’ve design and made this beautiful mid grey textured light weight tweed suit, lined with a coloured hummingbird lining, looks great with our mid grey and navy fabrics.

Marc Wallace-Jacket Lining-Bespoke-Design-Tailoring-Tweed-Suits


Style & Threads: Suit look, mid grey textured tweed suit (To order), white round collar shirt £89, navy & grey check cashmere waistcoat £395 (To order), summer floral navy print tie £59.
Marc Wallace-Tailored-Jacket-Tux-Grey Velvet-Suit-Suited-Menswear-Bespoke

Lining Inspiration-Suit-Tailored-Bespoke-Marc Wallace

We have some great lining to choose from this season, when having your Marc Wallace jacket or suit made, have a look at some of these lining ideas to give you a little inspiration. If you would like any further information or swatches on our linings drop us a line

Small-Fish-Suit Lining-Bespoke Menswear-Marc Wallace Suits-Gold-Yellow

Humming Bird-Print-Suit Lining-Made to Measure-Aua Blue-Pink-Yellow-Marc Wallace Tailored

Vintage-Paisley Print Lining-Tailored Suits-Auq Blue-Navy-Ivory-Red-Marc Wallace Tailored

Suit-Boats-Sailing-Printed LIning-Suits-Red-Blue-Marc Wallace-Cloth

Tropical Plants Print-Lining-Suits-Made to Measure-Navy-Red-Orange-Purple-Marc Wallace Tailored

Suit-Animal Print-LIning-Suits-Grey-Charcoal-Cerise-Marc Wallace-Cloth

Marc Wallace-Tailored-Suits-Bike Lining-Bikes-Vintage-Tailored

Slate Grey Paisley Woven Lining Marc Wallace

Abstract Images Colourful Lining Marc Wallace


By choosing a made to order Marc Wallace garment, this enables you to select your cloth and lining from our current collection. If you would like to book an appointment email for further information and fabric swatches. We are always on hand to help and give advice.

Made to measure suits start from £1195 + with extra trousers £1440.

Made to measure waistcoats from £295, jackets from £800, trousers from £395

Luxury Tailored Mens White Suits, Suited and Booted Style

Thinking of wearing a white suit this season? While the white suit is a bold move, and yes, guys like Mark Ronson are going to look great in a white suit, it’s not something you should avoid entirely. Even if you’re pushing 50 and only go to parties, weddings and on holiday occationally, it can still be a great good look as long as the suit is well tailored and proportioned to your size.

White Cotton Suit-Linen Suits-Marc Wallace-Tailoring-Fashion-Wedding-Holiday


Street Style-White Suit-Menswear Collection-Fashion-Luxury-White Cototn-Hat-Shirt-Tie

For the fashion-conscious and fashionista, the Marc Wallace white cotton slim cut suit is a great option to be noticed, trousers are shorter with narrow hems, jacket is slightly longer and tailored the body. This is something you can strut your stuff in, hold you head up high and feel good. Ready to wear white suit £795 from the Marc Wallace collection.


White Suit-Black Tie-Menswear Collection-Fashion-Luxury-White Cototn-Shirt-Tie-Wedding-Groom

Linen is a fantastic cloth to wear, if you’re on holiday and looking for that relaxed but smart look, or attending an overseas summer wedding, this will keep you cool with a dash of dapper style. This suit we cut with a looser fit on the jacket and trousers, the trousers are straight legged with the jacket having broader shoulders giving unrestricted movement. Suit £995


Mark Ronson-White Suit-Red Shirt-Menswear Collection-Fashion-Luxury-White Linen

Mark Ronson musician, DJ, singer, songwriter, and record producer wearing a Marc Wallace bespoke white cotton slim cut suit £1795, adding colour with a red Marc Wallace shirt £125.


Grooms Wedding Suit-White Suits-Marc-Wallace-Bowtie-Vintage-Style-Fashion-Menswear

Grooms Wedding Suit-White Suits-Marc-Wallace-Magazine-Luxury-Style-Fashion-Menswear

Marc Wallace white Italian cotton suit £1195, white shirt £79 and cerise bowtie £49 adding bold colour to the look.


Marc Wallace made to measure enables you to select your cloth, lining, buttons and trimmings, we then measure you to ensure the perfect fit. If you would like to book an appointment email or We are always on hand to help and give advice.

Ready to wear suits start from £495

Made to measure suits start from £1195

Made to measure suit with extra trousers £1440.

Made to measure waistcoats from £295

Made to measure jackets start from £800

Made to measure trousers start from £395


Velvet really can be a universal cloth. It is a great fabric for evening wear, your wedding or even to be worn casually. Some of our pure cotton velvets give a heavier handle that’s preferred for a more casual jacket. When looking for a luxurious finish, our silk mix and modal mix cotton velvets offer a smoother and more luxurious handle, perfect for an evening event, red carpet entrance or your wedding day. Colours available in the silk and modal mixed velvets are much richer and deeper in colour, are suited for a more luxurious look. The more casual velvet range is available in a wider collection of colours, from white’s to cerise pinks, so you can push the boat out with this colour pallet.

Marc Wallace-Velvet-Tailoring-Bespoke-Stlye


Ronan and Jack Keating dressed in Marc Wallace. Ronan is wearing a bottle green velvet evening jacket trimmed in black silk satin. Trousers are slim cut in a textured black Marc Wallace wool, the waistcoat is in a Keating Tartan, classic white shirt and velvet bowtie. Jack is wearing a textured black Marc Wallace suit, white shirt and tie.

Marc-Wallace-Velvet-Wool-Silk-Tux-Tailored Suit-Bepsoke-Menswear-Ronan-Jack-Keating


We have a wide range of colours and qualities available to select from, so if you are looking for something classic or casual we will find a cloth for you. It’s always hard to see the colours online, so just drop us a line and we can send you a swatch in the post.

Marc Wallace-Colours Of Velvets-Velvet Jacket-Cloth-Luxury-Evening Wear-Tailored


We are loving a touch of Burgundy velvet, which makes a great evening wear colour for parties, styled with black trousers without the satin tape down the outside of the leg. We have finished off this look with a classic button white shirt, self-tie bowtie and skull pocket square.

Marc Wallace-Velvet-Jacket-Suit-Tailored-Menswear-Fashionista-Style-DeBeers-Burgundy


When going to a formal evening suit event, something a full velvet suit is not appropriate. Consider using velvet as a trim, like on this Marc Wallace navy wool and silk fashion dinner suit. We have used a navy silk velvet for the collar, pocket trim and covered buttons. Styled with a white round collar shirt £89, swallow silk navy tie £69 and lion tie slide £24.

Marc-Wallace-Velvet-Wool-Silk-Tux-Tailored Suit-Bepsoke-Menswear-Navy-White Shirt-Swallow-Tie


Slim cut trousers with side slant front pockets, jetted pockets in navy velvet, with no tape down the side of the trousers, keeping the look modern.

Marc-Wallace-Tailored-Trousers-Tux-Dinner Suit-Luxury Design


Jacket lined in a golfers vintage lining, with a deco ivory and blue background. When selecting your jacket lining we have plenty to choose from, pattern, woven, plain, classic, or printed and you can even have your own lining designed and printed.


Jacket under collar in bright red, this is something you can select when having your dinner suit designed and made at Marc Wallace.

Marc-Wallace-Undercollar-Red-Tailoring-Suits-Evening Wear


This silver grey makes a nice alternative to a darker coloured jacket. For an evening event you can style it with black trousers, white shirt and a velvet bowtie. We have styled  this jacket with a navy cotton shirt for a casual look, which can be worn in the day or dressed up for the evening.

Marc Wallace-Silver Velvet-Jacket-Tailored-Formal-Casual-Menswear-Grey


Jacket lining: We ran with a black and white skull & crossbones for this shawl collar silver velvet tailored jacket.

Marc Wallace-Skull and Crossbones-Lining-Black-Velvet Jacket-Tailored


Black jacket undercollar

Marc Wallace-Velvet Jacket-Undercollar-Black-Tailored-Menswear-Silver-Grey


By choosing a made to measure Marc Wallace garment, this enables you to select your cloth, lining, buttons and trimmings from our current collection. We then measure you to ensure the perfect fit. If you would like to book an appointment email or for further information and fabric swatches. We are always on hand to help and give advice.

Made to measure suits start from £1195 + with extra trousers £1440.

Made to measure waistcoats from £295

Made to measure jackets start from £800

Made to measure trousers start from £395


Real Wedding Style Marc Wallace Grooms Wear Bespoke Inspiration

Marc Wallace wedding style: Real wedding pictures are a great way to start your thought process, most wedding magazines are full of ideas. By following fashion trends, taking inspiration on board and adding your own ideas  you will achieve a unique look for your day.

When thinking of the groom and best mens outfits, designer and creative tailor Marc Wallace is the place to be. We’ve been designing and tailoring suits for clients all over the world for all sorts of events and special occasions for over 15 years. Look at our Real Wedding Blog great starting point for your inspiration. Keep an open mind and allow around 4 to 6 months (Although 8 weeks would be sufficient) from start to finish for us to design and make your outfits, this gives a stress free journey in our experience.


Barn-Country Wedding-Electric Blue-Suit-Groom-Waistcoat-Navy-Wedding Dress-Luxury

Textured royal blue wool suit, matching classic waistcoat, classic white shirt, bowtie.


Marc Wallace textured blue and navy woven wool suit, matching 5 button waistcoat, classic Marc Wallace round collar shirt, summer floral cotton tie, matching floral pocket square.


Toyblue-Blues-Groom-Wedding-Suit-Bespoke-Wedding Dress-Luxury Style-Country House-Marc Wallace

Light weight woven electric blue wool suit, matching waistcoat, white shirt, silk tie.

Tailored-Bespoke-Grooms Wedding-Suit-Marc Wallace-Waistcoat-Menswear Style

Marc Wallace electric blue textured wool suit, matching 5 button waistcoat, classic white round collar shirt, green woven silk poppy tie.

Royal Blue-Wedding-Suit-Groom-Style-Marc Wallace-Tailored-Bespoke-Wedding Day

Marc Wallace textured toy blue suit, white shirt, silk tie.


Dinner Suit-Evening Wear-Wedding-City Weddings-Hurlingham Club-Wedding Dress-Marc Wallace-Groom

Luxury black textured weave wool evening suit, matching low scoop waistcoat, classic white fly front shirt, black velvet bowtie, black leather shoes.

Marc Wallace-Tailored-Dinner Suit-Tux-Velvet-Black Suit-Bowtie-Style-Fashion-Bespoke

Textured weave black shawl collar dinner suit, classic white Marc Wallace jacquard weave shirt, black and white over sized houndstooth silk tie.

Marc Wallace-Tailored-Waistcoat-Tux-Velvet-Black Suit-Bowtie-Menswear-Bespoke

Marc Wallace textured weave low scoop 4 button waistcoat, white classic fly front shirt, black silk floral tie.

Ronan Keating-Wedding-Tailored-Suit-Menswear-Fashion-Hello Magazine-Storm Keating-Marc Wallace

Navy open weave hopsack wool suit, peak lapels, with matching double breasted waistcoat, white jacquard weave cotton shirt, navy bowtie self tie.


Grooms Suit-Marc Wallace-Wedding-Bespoke-Brown-Grey-Brides Wedding Dress-Vintage

Textured brown wool and mohair suit, matching waistcoat, white classic Marc Wallace shirt, gold tie.

Textured Brown-Suit-Brown Suits-Groom-Tailored-Wedding-Style Wedding Dress-Collection

Textured brown herringbone suit, jacket with peak lapels and patch pockets, classic round collar Marc Wallace cotton shirt, summer floral printed tie.


Tailored-Marc Wallace-Wedding-Groom-Bespoke-Green Suit-Mint-Brides Wedding Dress

Forest green open weave wool 3 piece suit, white cotton slim shirt, mint green silk tie to match bridesmaids, burnished brown leather shoes.

Textured Green-Suit-Green Suits-Groom-Tailored-Wedding-Waistcoat-Tie-Collection

Textured weave sea green wool suit, matching 5 button waistcoat, round collar white shirt, summer floral printed tie, matching summer floral pocket square.


By choosing a made to measure Marc Wallace garment, this enables you to select your cloth, lining, buttons and trimmings from our current collection. We then measure you to ensure the perfect fit. If you would like to book an appointment email or for further information and fabric swatches. We are always on hand to help and give advice.

Made to measure suits start from £1195 + with extra trousers £1440.

Made to measure waistcoats from £295

Made to measure jackets start from £800

Made to measure trousers start from £395



cut above the rest marc wallace tailoring fashion – groom – style

Fashion and style is at the forefront of Marc Wallace, cutting the perfect suit has been at the core of what we do. Our heritage of bespoke tailoring and design is the drive for Marc’s ready to wear and bespoke tailoring. “Style comes first”, Marc brings chic style to those who dress to make an impression and enjoy a sharp tailored suit. Designing and styling for our loyal clients, celebrities, grooms and people who love dressing has alway been our passion.

Marc Wallace-Tailored-Evening Wear-Tux-Dinner Suit-Black Tie-Deisgn-Fashion-Stlye


A classic cut evening suit is always a great investment in the wardrobe, come’s out a few times a year but once you have it, job done. This classic peak lapel black wool dinner suit or tuxedo (Some time called), is trimmed with silk satin collar and covered buttons, a great design to run with. This look is styled with a classic white Marc Wallace fly front shirt, black silk satin self tie bowtie.


Classic Dinner Suit-Evening Wear-Tailored-Fashion-Mens Collection-Marc Wallace-Bowtie

The notch collar evening suit, the classic cut, a more common style in men’s suiting. This Marc Wallace evening suit is style with a MW silk floral self-tie bowtie £79, hand pleated white shirt £195.

Classic Dinner Suit-Tux-Menswear-Styish-Mens Collection-Marc Wallace-Designer


When looking for something special for an evening event or your black tie wedding, then think outside the box. This Marc Wallace limited edition dot evening suits is a great direction, as we say classic with a twist, still keeping it wearable but different. Styled with a hand made MW monotone floral print self-tie bowtie and a hand pleated white shirt. Price on request.

Marc Wallace-Designer-Dot-Dinner Suit-Bespoke-Tailored Menswear-Pleated Shirt-Bowtie

Marc Wallace-Dot-Dinner-Suit-Bespoke-Tailored Menswear-Fashnion Collection-Black-Tux

Marc Wallace tailored limited edition woven dot wool evening suit, trimmed in a textured silk, hand pleated white evening shirt, low scoop three button matching waistcoat, MW monotone floral bowtie, black patient dinner shoes. Price on Request.


Your wedding, one of the most important days of your life, with all eyes on the bride and groom it’s important to get your look spot on. As well as a sharp tailored suit, tying in with the Bride and brides maids you need to have a stamp on you look. Having a tailored suit design and made at Marc Wallace come with an open mind and a few ideas to get the ball rolling, and let us do the rest.

Dinner Suit-Evening Wear-Wedding-City Weddings-Hurlingham Club-Wedding Dress-Marc Wallace-Groom

Textured black woven wool shawl collar dinner suit, matching low scoop waistcoat, classic white Marc Wallace fly front shirt, black self-tie bowtie. Bespoke wedding suit and accessories. Price on request.

Marc Wallace-Tailored-Dinner Suit-Tux-Velvet-Black Suit-Bowtie-Style-Fashion-Bespoke

Classic shawl collar Marc Wallace dinner suit, trimmed in a silk satin and covered silk buttons. Tailored evening suit / tuxedos start from £995 up to £2500.

Marc Wallace-Tailored-Waistcoat-Tux-Velvet-Black Suit-Bowtie-Menswear-Bespoke

Low scoop Marc Wallace 4 buttons waistcoat, trimmed in a black silk satin and covered buttons. This is a great evening wear waistcoat, along with he double breasted. Styled with a classic Marc Wallace fly front white shirt, pewter grey self-tie bowtie. To have a waistcoat made prices start from £225, shirts ready to wear £79, bowties from £49.

Classic Black-Dinner-Suit-Tux-Wedding-Groom-Style-Vintage Wedding-Tailored-Marc Wallace

Above: A classic wedding, Bride and Groom dressed in a timeless look, groom in a Marc Wallace tailored black evening suit, with 4 button matching waistcoat, classic white Marc Wallace shirt, black tie. Bride dressed in a white silk wedding dress. Check out our Real Wedding Blog for lots of ideas.


Looking for an evening suit with a difference and those fashionesta out there, try our black wool and silk diamond weave cloth, trimmed in a textured black velvet trim. By remaining classic with a twist, you will fit perfectly on the red carpet mingling with celebrities or your special event. Tailored shawl collar wool & silk diamond suit, price starts from £1495, waistcoat from £425.

Marc Wallace Style-Tux-Dinner Suit-Evening Suits-Designer-Fashion-Tailored-Menswear


Marc Wallace-Lining-Skull-Crossbones-Black-Dinner-Suit-Velvet-Shirt-Tie-Tailored Suits



By choosing a made to measure Marc Wallace garment, this enables you to select your cloth, lining, buttons and trimmings from our current collection. We then measure you to ensure the perfect fit. If you would like to book an appointment email or for further information and fabric swatches. We are always on hand to help and give advice.

Made to measure suits start from £1195 + with extra trousers £1440.

Made to measure waistcoats from £295

Made to measure jackets start from £800

Made to measure trousers start from £395

Luxury light weight British Tweeds Fabric Collection Pure Wool


Marc is really please to bring you our beautiful mid weight tweed and woollen cloth collection, which has been design and woven in the UK. Tweed and textured fabrics are at the forefront of menswear design this season, perfect for your wedding look, little less formal from work, fashion style, or as separates, like a conceptual jacket or classic pair of Marc Wallace flat front trousers.

Marc Wallace-Tweed-Tweeds-British-Cloth-Deisgn-Fashion-Stlye

We have a number of tweed and textured wool designs available, these fabrics are great for most occasion if it’s a suit, jacket or pair of trousers.

Tweed Cloth Checks Herringbones and Plain Weave


Navy Donegal Tweed Jacket, with matching trousers, lining printed floral, pale blue shirt £89.00, textured floral pale blue tie £59.00, matching floral pocket square £15.95.
Textured-Weave-Navy-Wool-Suit-Tailored-Wool-Floral-Tie-Blue Shirt-Marc WallaceFloral-Lining-Print-Flowers-Textured-Weave-Navy-Wool-Suit-Tailored-Marc Wallace

Marc-Wallace-Tweed-Cloth-Shetland-Herringbone-Plain Weave

Textured brown tweed herringbone suit, peak lapels and patch pockets, woven black tonal paisley lining, styled with a white round collar shirt £89.00, navy floral print tie £59.00, matching floral pocket square £15.95.
Marc Wallace-Brown-Herringbone-Suit-Menswear Fashion-Bespoke-Tailored-GroomPaisley-Black-Lining-Tailored-Bespoke-Menswear-Fashion-Brown-Herringbone-Marc Wallace

Suit-Tweed-Wool-Tailored Suit-Bespoke-Marc WallaceCharcoal grey textured shetland tweed suit, lined in a vintage colour print paisley design, styled with a white round collar shirt £89.00, ivory textured floral print tie £59.00, blue feather silk pocket square £29.95Marc Wallace-Grey-Charcoal-Textured-Tweed-Suit-Jacket-Tailored-MenswearPailsey-Printed-Lining-Grey-Suit-Tialored-Bespoke-Menswear-Marc Wallace

Marc-Wallace-Tweed Cloth-Lambswool-Herringbone-Plain-Weave-Wool-Textured

Blue tweed 3 piece suit with peak lapels, 5 button matching waistcoat, lined with cerise pink animal print lining, styled with a white round collar shirt £89.00, ivory textured floral print tie £59.00, matching floral pocket square £15.95.Marc Wallace-Navy-Blue-Textured-Suit-Tweed-Style-Bespoke-Menswear-Dapper

Animal Print-Lining-Cerise-Pink-Navy-Suit-Tweed-Wool-Tailored Suit-Marc Wallace


By choosing a made to measure Marc Wallace garment, this enables you to select your cloth, lining, buttons and trimmings from our current collection. We then measure you to ensure the perfect fit. If you would like to book an appointment email or for further information and fabric swatches. We are always on hand to help and give advice.

Made to measure suits start from £1195 + with extra trousers £1440.

Made to measure waistcoats from £295

Made to measure jackets start from £800

Made to measure trousers start from £395

Looking Sharp in Marc Wallace, Send Us Your Pictures


Spotted wearing-Marc Wallace-Tailored-Suit-Dapper-Collection-Design

Seen wearing a check bespoke Marc Wallace suit in Paris


We are looking for the best picutre of our customers dressed in Marc Wallace, either from your SPECIAL WEDDING DAY or OUT & ABOUT. Send us your coolest, craziest or most stylish photos. Either suited and booted or wearing our accessories, we will love to see them all.


We have two categories, Real Wedding Pictures and Out and About Pictures: The best pictures will each receive £100 gift voucher to use online or on your next Marc Wallace suit + a gift box……!

You can email or DropBox your images to

Special Wedding Day: Marc Wallace wedding in New York

Real Wedding Wearing Marc Wallace

Out & About: Marc Wallace socks from Instagram

Marc Wallace Socks Out and About Yellow



By choosing a made to measure Marc Wallace garment, this enables you to select your cloth, lining, buttons and trimmings from our current collection. We then measure you to ensure the perfect fit. If you would like to book an appointment email or for further information and fabric swatches. We are always on hand to help and give advice.

Made to measure suits start from £1195 + with extra trousers £1440.

Made to measure waistcoats from £295

Made to measure jackets start from £800

Made to measure trousers start from £395