December 25, 2019/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID


December 25, 2019/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID


IN STYLE LUXURY TAILORING One of the world's leading luxury…
December 21, 2019/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID


Velvet really can be a universal cloth. It is a great fabric…
November 10, 2019/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Marc Wallace T.x Project……

Where Thanks and Love Meet The ethos behind the Marc Wallace T.x Project…
August 29, 2019/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Jessie Reyez Canadian Singer Songwriter

Jessie Reyez / Song from the Soul Marc’s Vinyl Fix Vibes: Such…
July 5, 2019/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Stylish Textured Grey Velvet Evening Wear Look

The hot look this season at Marc Wallace is evening wear,…
June 6, 2019/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Marc Wallace and Jack Wood Navy Suit

Jake Wood At Buckingham Palace In Navy Dot Suit

A beautiful summer day Jake Wood keeping the style classic at…
June 6, 2019/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Joe Wicks the Body Coach Wearing Marc Wallace

Summer grey's, this season is seeing the rise of the grey…
May 21, 2019/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Marc Wallace Bespoke Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet Fashion

When it comes the fashion and red carpet, the Cannes Film…
May 21, 2019/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

What A talent Mahalia

Marc’s Vinyl Fix Summer Vibes: Such a talented artist, songs…
May 8, 2019/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Summer Shades Wedding Ideas for Grooms

This season anything goes, from classic grey's, bright prints…
March 22, 2019/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

2019 Wedding Evening Wear Trends You Need To Know

Evening wear Wedding Trends You Need To Know With two royal…
January 18, 2019/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID


From the Marc Wallace studio, part of the bespoke collection…
January 16, 2019/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

The Church Studios When we where young

Marc’s Vinyl Fix Relaxing Vibes: I love this track from…
January 8, 2019/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Up Country Fashion and Style Vulcan Magazine

Artistic visual style featured in Vulcan Magazine, a collaboration…
December 30, 2018/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Marc Wallace Bespoke Collection Luxure Magazine Fashion Menswear

LUXURE MAGAZINE Magazine: Luxure Magazine Photographer:…
December 30, 2018/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Summer Vibes With Noora Noor Soul Deep

Marc's Vinyl Fix Relaxing Soulful Vibes: Noora Noor aka Noora…
July 7, 2018/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Style In Luxury Tweeds This Season

This season in the Marc Wallace collection British tweeds and…
June 28, 2018/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Wimbledon Tennis Champions Fashion and Style at SW19

  The most prestigious and oldest tennis tournament in…
June 17, 2018/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Summer Floral Printed Wedding Tie

A great way to lift up your wedding look this season by wearing…
May 28, 2018/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Luxury Linings Printed and Woven Design Jacket Lining Tailored

Picking a great lining for inside you jacket has alway been a…
May 27, 2018/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Luxury Brocade Dress Jackets Miss Dior Reggie Ansah

Evening Wear is a key part of the designer's collection.…
May 19, 2018/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Luxury Tailored Mens White Suits, Suited and Booted Style

Thinking of wearing a white suit this season? While the white…
April 29, 2018/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Navy Blue Bespoke Wedding Suit, Country Wedding

Charlie and Steve’s beautiful country wedding held at Wethele…
April 29, 2018/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID


Velvet really can be a universal cloth. It is a great fabric…
February 20, 2018/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Real Wedding Style Marc Wallace Grooms Wear Bespoke Inspiration

Marc Wallace wedding style: Real wedding pictures are a great…
February 19, 2018/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

cut above the rest marc wallace tailoring fashion – groom – style

Fashion and style is at the forefront of Marc Wallace, cutting…
February 17, 2018/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Luxury light weight British Tweeds Fabric Collection Pure Wool

  Marc is really please to bring you our beautiful mid…
February 2, 2018/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Sam Benjamin Attending Film Festival Dressed In A Marc Wallace Suit

Actor Sam Benjamin on the red carpet with Kate Baxter attending…
January 21, 2018/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Tom Milligan

Actor Tom Milligan currently in the stage production of Harry…
January 19, 2018/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Looking Sharp in Marc Wallace, Send Us Your Pictures

January 19, 2018/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Looking Dapper In Burgundy Velvet Marc Wallace Tailoring

Setting the style: the suit had a resurgence amongst the fashion…
January 1, 2018/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Wool & Cashmere Perfect Tailored Jacket Menswear

Luxury, when looking for something a little special try…
September 18, 2017/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Beautiful and Stylish Wedding at the Hurlingham Club in London

Tom and Elaine's wedding was held at the beautiful the Hurlingham…
September 17, 2017/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Stylish Rustic Country Wedding Royal Blue Suit

A rustic country barn, apple orchards, scent of wild flowers…
July 27, 2017/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Goodwood Style Made In Chelsea Josh Shepherd Tan Suit

Arriving in style Josh Shepherd wearing a Marc Wallace tailored…
July 26, 2017/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

East End Boy and West End Girls

The latest shoot form You and Your Wedding magazine, for all…
July 25, 2017/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Relaxed and Easy Tailored Style Seersucker Pale Blue Suit

Wedding By The Sea, Bride and Groom Style Suited – By…
July 24, 2017/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Red Check Tailored Grooms Suits

You & Your Wedding: Marc Wallace Grooms Wear Style In…
July 24, 2017/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Sexy Funky Style – Bridget Cooper Get Into The Love Groove Vinyl

Marc's Vinyl Fix: Getting you in the mood, loving this happy…
July 22, 2017/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Be Different When Getting Married Grooms Tailored Suits

  Think Outside The Box When Getting Married: Marc…
July 3, 2017/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Orange to Orange Mood and Inspiration

Orange has always been an under used colour in menswear, from…
February 12, 2017/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Modern Stylish Santorini Wedding

Luxury light weight Marc Wallace electric blue wool suit With…
February 5, 2017/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

London Red Bus City Wedding Bride and Groom

Grooms outfit: Marc Wallace hand tailored suits in a textured…
January 27, 2017/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Summer Wedding Grooms Tailored Navy Suit

Marc Wallace designed and created a beautiful tailored three…
January 27, 2017/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Marc Wallace Tailored Brocade Evening Jacket

Gold and Mustard Brocade Evening Jacket

Luxury Silk Evening Jacket: The Editor of Luxure Magazine, one…
January 12, 2017/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Ore Oduba Strictly Come Dancing Winner

Ore Oduba the winner of Strictly Come Dancing and his wife Portia…
January 8, 2017/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Strictly Come Dancing Red Carpet Style

On the red carpet, Daisy Lowe and Aljaz Skorjanec from the BBC's…
January 8, 2017/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Check Me Out Style

Check me out! Ways to make a big impression this season get yourself…
January 7, 2017/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Mens Evening Wear Style

Marc Wallace featured in Brides magazines evening wear shoot,…
December 20, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Happy socks gives you happy feet

  Cool men’s Marc Wallace socks “happy socks…
December 17, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Grey Prince of Wales Suit Danny Dyer’s Wedding

Navy Blue Marc Wallace Prince of Wales Suit A beautiful…
October 10, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

EastEnders Star Danny Dyer Married his Childhood Sweetheart

EastEnders star Danny Dyer married his childhood sweetheart…
October 9, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

In The Mood For Green Style

Green as a menswear colour in not easy to wear, finding the…
September 6, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Colin Jackson In The Guardian Sunday Style

  The former Olympic athlete and world record holder…
August 23, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Red Style Menswears

Brighten up your day in red! From every day styles to a funky…
August 20, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Evening Wear Brides Magazine

The Marc Wallace collection is featured in Brides Magazine.…
August 20, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Rob and Lauren: A Stylish Wedding

Congratulations to Bath Rugby player Rob Webber and Lauren Humphrey…
August 17, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Greg Rutherford In Blue Hopsack Suit

Greg Rutherford Olympic champion wearing a Marc Wallace open…
August 14, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Marc Wallace Catwalk Collection

Marc Wallace on the catwalk, showcasing an easy to wear vintage…
August 13, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Houndstooth Suits, Cloth, Fashion, Luxury

The houndstooth is one of Marc's favourite fabric designs. Originated…
August 13, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Graphic text print wedding lining

Nick and his wife both looking amazing on their wedding day.…
August 2, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

A Las Vegas Wedding Electric Blue Suit

Las Vegas Wedding, Alex wearing a bespoke Marc Wallace Royal blue…
August 1, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Cannes Film Festival

The Founder & CEO of Luxure magazine Reggie Ansah is one…
May 22, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Hannah & Dominic Wedding Denim Wool Suit

Dominic and his wife both looking amazing on their wedding day.…
March 13, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Textured Lilac Wedding Suit Shawl Collar

Textured Lilac Wedding Suit

Featured in Wedding magazine, this stylish London wedding shoot…
March 13, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Marc Wallace Tailored Suit

Roger Vivier Virgule Party

The Fashion Editor of Luxure Magazine attending the Roger Vivier…
March 13, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Tailored Suit

Jack Keating In Tailored Marc Wallace Suit

Jack Keating wearing a Marc Wallace bespoke suit. Looking for…
March 13, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Vintage Check Suits

Vintage Check Wool Suit

Look the part in a Marc Wallace suit with our unique ranges…
March 13, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer at the National Television Awards NTA

We had the honour of dressing Danny Dyer for the National Television…
January 26, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

How to Work Out in Your Suit

So say goodbye to aching muscles and say hello to a new more…
January 21, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Danny Dyer Wearing Royal Blue Wool Suit

Danny Dyer Wearing Navy Tailored Suit

English actor Danny Dyer, wearing a tailored Marc Wallace two…
January 14, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Grey Check Slim Suit

Grey Slim Fit Check Three Piece Wool Suit

Checks: Men have become much more adventurous with their style,…
January 7, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Marc Wallace Bespoke Tailored Wedding Suits

Lilac Tailored Wedding Suit: You’re So Cool

You're So Cool: 'A white wedding doesn't have to be traditional,…
January 7, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Marc Wallace Classic Monotone Tones Grooms & Usher Suits

Modern Love Tailored Evening Suits

Modern Love: "Say 'I do' to the timeless elegance of floor-length…
January 6, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Monotone Evening Suit by Marc Wallace

Luxury Monotone Evening Suit Tailored

Looking for a bit of luxury on a night out or for an event? Check…
December 17, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Navy Wedding Suit in You & Your Wedding Magazine

Classic Navy Wedding Suit: Featured In You & Your Wedding

A beautiful summer wedding shoot featured in You & Your…
December 17, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Classic Navy Wool Wedding Suit

Graeme & Faye Wedding Navy Tailored Suit

Graeme and his wife both looking amazing on their wedding day.…
December 17, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Tailored Racing Green Suits

The Green Tailored Suit and Accessories

The Green Look: Suits & Accessories When choosing a…
December 12, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Evening Wear Dinner Suit Style By Marc Wallace

Luxury Evening Wear, Dinner Suit Styles, Tuxedos

From Downton Abbey to James Bond, black tie remains the standard…
December 5, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Falling In Love pocket Square Blue

The Pocket Square Finishing Touch

One thing is true about looking your best, detail and style…
December 5, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Currency Printed Lining

Currency Printed Jacket Lining

When having your Marc Wallace bespoke suit made, choosing a lining…
December 4, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Joe Wicks The Body Coach in Navy Hopsack Suit

Joe Wicks The Body Coach Wearing Bespoke Suit

Joe Wicks the Body Coach wearing a Marc Wallace bespoke royal…
December 1, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Black Dinner Suit

Black Peak Lapel Dinner Suit

Marc Wallace classic dinner suit featured in Wedding magazine.…
November 5, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Marc Wallace Tan Wool Suit

Marc Wallace Tan Wool Wedding Suit

The perfect boho summer wedding look, this stylish shoot in Wedding…
November 5, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Josh Shepherd Made in Chelsea

Josh Shepherd Wearing Marc Wallace

Josh Shepherd from E4's production Made in Chelsea dressed in…
October 31, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Electric Blue Suit

Chris and Helen Groom Wearing Electric Blue Suit

Bride and Groom: Chris & Helen. Grooms outfit: Electric…
October 6, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Marc Wallace Besopke Harry Winston Mercedes Fashion Week

Brighten Up at Paris Fashion Week

Reggie Ansah: Spotted a Paris Fashion arriving at the Harry Winston…
July 14, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Marc Wallace Bespoke Lords Asian Cricket Awards Dinner Suit

Lords Asian Cricket Awards

Drew from Marc Wallace: Spotted attending the Asian Cricket…
July 13, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Boyzone Dressed in Marc Wallace on Tour

Boyzone On Tour Dressed In Marc Wallace

Boyzone: On tour in Singapore, Keith and Shane dressed in Marc…
July 13, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Made in Chelsea Josh Shepherd Wearing Marc Wallace Dinner Suit

Made in Chelsea Josh Shepherd Wearing Navy Dinner Suit

Made in Chelsea: Josh Shepherd from Made in Chelsea dressed…
July 13, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate Marc Wallace Tailored Suits

L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate Best Dressed Men

Reggie and Morgan: Spotted at the L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate…
July 13, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Joe Wicks Spotted Wearing Marc Wallace Tailored Suit

The Body Coach Lean In 15 Joe Wicks Wearing Marc Wallace

Seen In Marc Wallace: The body coach Joe Wicks online nutrition…
July 13, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Reggie Ansah Dressed In Marc Wallace Tweed Paris

Editor of Luxure Magazine Wearing Marc Wallace Tweed

Luxure Magazine: Spotted in Paris the Editor Reggie Ansah in…
July 13, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Marc Wallace at the Tailors Guild Dinner

Marc Wallace at the Tailors Guild Dinner

The Tailors Dinner: At the annual Tailors Guild Dinner in the…
July 13, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Marc Wallace Tailored Brocade Evening Jacket

Mustard Brocade Evening Jacket Marc Wallace Bespoke

Luxury Silk Evening Jacket: The Editor of Luxure Magazine, one…
July 13, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Groom dressed in Toy Blue Bespoke Suit, Best-Man Ushers in Electric Blue Suits

Michelle & Arron Wedding Toy Blue & Electric Blue Suits

Groom outfit: Marc Wallace bespoke light weight toy blue…
July 10, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Groom in a Made to Measure Marc Wallace Tonic Blue Suit

Rosie & Jon Wedding Groom Wearing Tonic Blue Suit

Grooms Suit: Hand tailor made via Marc Wallace tonic blue…
July 10, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Groom In Vintage Purple Flannel 3-Piece Made to Measure Suit

Matt & Ellie Wedding Purple Vintage Flannel 3 Piece Suit

Groom outfit: Marc Wallace tailored deep purple tonic flannel…
July 10, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID