Stylish Wedding Wear Grooms Evening Wear Looks
April 13, 2019/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Summer Shades Wedding Ideas for Grooms

This season anything goes, from classic grey's, bright prints…
March 22, 2019/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Up Country Fashion and Style Vulcan Magazine

Artistic visual style featured in Vulcan Magazine, a collaboration…
December 30, 2018/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Marc Wallace Bespoke Collection Luxure Magazine Fashion Menswear

LUXURE MAGAZINE Magazine: Luxure Magazine Photographer:…
December 30, 2018/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

East End Boy and West End Girls

The latest shoot form You and Your Wedding magazine, for all…
July 25, 2017/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Relaxed and Easy Tailored Style Seersucker Pale Blue Suit

Wedding By The Sea, Bride and Groom Style Suited – By…
July 24, 2017/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Red Check Tailored Grooms Suits

You & Your Wedding: Marc Wallace Grooms Wear Style In…
July 24, 2017/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Be Different When Getting Married Grooms Tailored Suits

  Think Outside The Box When Getting Married: Marc…
July 3, 2017/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Mens Evening Wear Style

Marc Wallace featured in Brides magazines evening wear shoot,…
December 20, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

EastEnders Star Danny Dyer Married his Childhood Sweetheart

EastEnders star Danny Dyer married his childhood sweetheart…
October 9, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Evening Wear Brides Magazine

The Marc Wallace collection is featured in Brides Magazine.…
August 20, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Marc Wallace Catwalk Collection

Marc Wallace on the catwalk, showcasing an easy to wear vintage…
August 13, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Textured Lilac Wedding Suit Shawl Collar

Textured Lilac Wedding Suit

Featured in Wedding magazine, this stylish London wedding shoot…
March 13, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Danny Dyer Wearing Royal Blue Wool Suit

Danny Dyer Wearing Navy Tailored Suit

English actor Danny Dyer, wearing a tailored Marc Wallace two…
January 14, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Marc Wallace Bespoke Tailored Wedding Suits

Lilac Tailored Wedding Suit: You’re So Cool

You're So Cool: 'A white wedding doesn't have to be traditional,…
January 7, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Marc Wallace Classic Monotone Tones Grooms & Usher Suits

Modern Love Tailored Evening Suits

Modern Love: "Say 'I do' to the timeless elegance of floor-length…
January 6, 2016/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Monotone Evening Suit by Marc Wallace

Luxury Monotone Evening Suit Tailored

Looking for a bit of luxury on a night out or for an event? Check…
December 17, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Navy Wedding Suit in You & Your Wedding Magazine

Classic Navy Wedding Suit: Featured In You & Your Wedding

A beautiful summer wedding shoot featured in You & Your…
December 17, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Black Dinner Suit

Black Peak Lapel Dinner Suit

Marc Wallace classic dinner suit featured in Wedding magazine.…
November 5, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Marc Wallace Tan Wool Suit

Marc Wallace Tan Wool Wedding Suit

The perfect boho summer wedding look, this stylish shoot in Wedding…
November 5, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Reggie Anash L’ormarins Queen’s Plate South Africa

Reggie Anash editor in chief of Luxure Magazine been interviewed…
September 30, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Tonic Royal Blue Suit

Tonic Blue 3 Piece Suit: Feature in Wedding magazine, looking…
April 21, 2015/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Luxury Light Weight Tan Wool Wedding Suit

Tan Wool Suits: Style idea for the new grooms, having a summer…
November 11, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Rock My Wedding, Charcoal Grey Suit

Rock My Wedding: Photo shoot form Rock My Wedding featuring…
November 4, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Ivory Dinner Suit Black Silk Lapel

Ivory Dinner Suit: For something a little different try an ivory…
October 3, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Dinner Suit Brides Magazine Tux Black

Mens Dinner Suit: Featured in Brides Magazine

Marc Wallace Evening Suit: In the latest issue of Brides Magazine…
September 29, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Dinner Suit Mood Board: You & Your Wedding

Dinner Suits: Considering wearing a Tuxedo or having an evening…
September 26, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

You & Your Wedding: Featured Dinner Suit

Dinner Suit In the Press: Marc Wallace featured in the latest…
September 24, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Pale Blue Suit

Pastel Coloured Summer Suits

Featured In Wedding Magazine: Pastel and pale coloured suits…
September 23, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Electric & Toy Blue Tailored Suits

Still a hot colour this season the Marc Wallace electric blue…
September 23, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Michael Parr from Emmerdale

Marc Wallace Menswear Featured In Inside Soap: Seen in Inside…
September 15, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Surfs Up on the Beach

Marc Wallace featured in the current issue of Wedding magazine:…
September 12, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

London Callings Wedding Magazine

Navy Wool Marc Wallace Suit: Featured in Wedding Magazine,…
September 12, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Danny Dyer Wearing Marc Wallace Evening Suit

Actor, Eastenders, Danny Dyer featured in Inside Soap magazine.…
September 8, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Inside Soap Magazine

Featured in Inside Soap Magazine: Fabrizio Santino actor / writer…
August 26, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Marc Wallace New Hopsack Cloth

Hopsack Blue in the Press

Blue Hopsack Suit: The Marc Wallace Hopsack woven wool, featured…
August 2, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Marc Wallace Floral Suit

Marc Wallace Floral Printed Suit

In the Press: The new Marc Wallace MW floral double breasted…
June 10, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Marc Wallace Tie & Suit In Brides Magazine

Featured in Brides magazine editorial, giving advice for your…
May 27, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Pale Blue Suit

Marc Wallace Pale Blue Suit Featured In Brides

Marc Wallace pale blue suit featured in Brides magazine, shot…
May 27, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Marc Wallace Electric Blue Suit

Electric Blue 3 Piece Suit featured in Wedding Magazine: Marc…
May 27, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Summer Road Trip

Inside Wedding Magazine, looking for a free and easy wedding!…
May 27, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Marc Wallace Featured in Brides Magazine

Marc Wallace featured in Brides Magazine. When it comes to sorting…
May 27, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Grey Prince of Wales Suit

Marc Wallace Prince of Wales Check Suit

The Marc Wallace ready to wear collection featured in this issue…
May 26, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Marc Wallace Tailoring

Vintage Shoot in You & Your Wedding Magazine

Marc Wallace vintage wedding shoot in they…
April 3, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Brown Velvet Suit

You & Your Wedding – Marc Wallace Brown Tweed Suit

From the MarcWallace Heritage collection brown Harris Tweed…
March 6, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

JLS Dressed in Marc Wallace Bespoke

Great video of the guys dressed in Marc Wallace from the End…
February 13, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

The American Road Trip

On an American road trip, summer wedding the latest shoot from…
January 23, 2014/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Modern Love Shoot – In Press

In the current issue of You and Your Wedding Jan Feb 2014, the…
December 7, 2013/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Paris Fashion Week

Spotted at Paris Fashion week, Editor of Luxure magazine dressed…
November 7, 2013/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Ballroom Blooms Shoot – Marc Wallace

Evening suit featured in You and Your Wedding magazine, a cool…
October 10, 2013/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
White Cotton Suit

1950s Glamour Shoot – White Cotton Suit

Bow Belles: A stylish shoot by Peta Hunt from You and Your Wedding…
October 10, 2013/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Evening Suit

Wedding Magazine Evening Suit

Inside this issue of Wedding magazine, Marc Wallace is featured…
October 10, 2013/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Wedding Magazine Marc Wallace

In The Press – Wedding Magazine

Inside the latest issue of Wedding magazine. The Marc Wallace…
September 12, 2013/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

On The Cover – Real Wedding Magazine

The latest issue of Real Wedding magazine featuring a Marc Wallace…
August 28, 2013/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Ben Hardy Eastenders

Inside Soap Magazine Eastenders

Ben Hardy who plays Peter Beale from Eastenders wearing Marc…
August 28, 2013/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Marc Wallace Ivory Evening Suit

Marc Wallace Evening Style in the Press

Marc Wallace in the Sept/Oct issue of You & Your Wedding…
August 28, 2013/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Colin Jackson Grey Tailored Evening Suit

Colin Jackson wearing Marc Wallace bespoke at the 3rd Asian Awards…
August 13, 2013/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

B&W Shoot, You and Your Wedding Magazine

The latest shoot from You and Your Wedding Magazine. Black and…
July 27, 2013/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

In the Press – Hello Magazine Marc Wallace Suit

Seen in Hello magazine, Rick Parfitt jnr with his fiancee Rachel.…
July 5, 2013/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Black Marc Wallace Dinner Suit

Go Retro Shoot Evening Suit Groom

In the press Conde Nast Brides, Go Retro shoot. Marc Wallace…
April 13, 2013/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Rock in Roll Wedding

Featured in Marc Wallace tailoring.…
April 9, 2013/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

In The Press Interview with Marc Wallace

An interview with Marc Wallace. At the cutting edge of menswear…
March 9, 2013/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Brit Awards JLS Dressed In Marc Wallace

JLS wearing the Marc Wallace Bespoke Collection at the Brit Awards…
February 21, 2013/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Style News

Marc Wallace in Style News, spreading the word the latest collection…
February 20, 2013/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Eastenders Jake Wood Seen Wearing Marc Wallace

  Spotted in Marc Wallace: Jake Wood (Max Branning)…
December 29, 2012/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

XFactor: Marc Wallace flying suits

Robbie Williams singing live on the X Factor, Marc Wallace suits…
November 15, 2012/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Jack McManus and Martine McCutcheon in Hello Magazine

  Jack McManus and Martine MaCutcheons beautiful Lake…
October 28, 2012/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Green Cotton Suit in Brides Magazine

Brides Magazine Light weight green Italian cotton suit, with…
October 9, 2012/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Yellow Cotton Suit

Yellow Cotton Tailored Suit in Brides Magazine

Brides Magazine Light weight yellow Italian cotton suit,…
October 9, 2012/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Marc Wallace Tailoring

Just for the Record Marc Wallace Tailoring

Marc Wallace suits used in brit-flick 'Just for the Record' …
September 26, 2012/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Marc Wallace TV Interview

Marc Wallace on Wedding TV

September 26, 2012/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Top Gear Get Me To The Church On Time

Marc Wallace pale blue wool three piece suit featured on a Top…
September 26, 2012/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Jake Wood wearing Marc Wallace at film premiere

Jack Wood from Eastenders wearing a Marc Wallace bespoke classic…
August 29, 2012/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Marvin Humes wedding at Blenheim Palace

After months of preparation with the London design team and…
August 28, 2012/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Marvin Humes in Star Magazine

Marvin Humes in the new Marc Wallace 140s white micro weave cotton…
August 19, 2012/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Marvin Humes OK Magazine

Marvin Humes cover of OK magazine, wearing Marc Wallace

Marvin Humes featured in Hello magazine at Una Healy wedding.…
July 12, 2012/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Matthew Spence Wearing Marc Wallace

Spencer Matthew OK magazine, wearing Marc Wallace

Matthew Spencer wearing a Marc Wallace suit, shirt and tie. For…
July 12, 2012/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Marvin Humes, JLS wearing Marc Wallace

Marvin Humes wearing a Marc Wallace Pale grey super 130s…
July 6, 2012/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Mark Ronson wears Marc Wallace in London 2012, Coca-Cola commercial

Mark Ronson and Marc Wallace designed a bright white suit and…
July 6, 2012/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Ulrika Jonsson’s Wedding to Brian Monet Wearing Marc Wallace

Ulrika Jonsson’s Wedding to Brian Monet wearing Marc Wallace…
July 6, 2012/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

You & Your Wedding Magazine

Lavender light-weight super 130s wool wedding suit for the groom. For…
July 6, 2012/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Brides JulyAug

Brides Magazine

Real Wedding – Mornings suit, brown small floral waistcoat,…
July 5, 2012/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Pale Blue Suit

Brides Magazine

Marc Wallace pale blue light-weight wool & cashmere suit,…
July 5, 2012/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Black Suit

Wedding Magazine Black Grooms Suit

Featured in Wedding magazine, this classic black Marc Wallace…
July 5, 2012/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Seersucker Rust Suit

You & Your Wedding Venue Guide

Featured on the front cover of You and Your Wedding Venue…
July 5, 2012/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Grooms Check Suit

You & Your Wedding Magazine

Marc Wallace green lightweight check cotton suit, styled with…
August 2, 2011/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Navy Grooms Suit

Wedding Magazine Navy Grooms Wedding Suit

Marc Wallace luxury navy wool suit, matching waistcoat, white…
August 2, 2011/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID

Bridal Magazine Pale Blue Seersucker Suit

Pale blue seersucker suit, matching low scoop waistcoat, white…
August 2, 2011/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Made to Measure Suit

Editor of Weddings Magazine Made To Measure Suit

Editor of Wedding magazine Catherine marries Sergio in a civil…
August 2, 2011/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Black Shawl Collar Evening Suit

You & Your Wedding Magazine Dinner Suit

On the cover of You and Your Wedding magazine, from the current…
August 2, 2011/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Pale Grey Cotton Suit

Wedding Magazine

Marc Wallace pale grey Italian cotton suit, ivory shirt featured…
August 2, 2011/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Marc Wallace Interview

The City Magazine

Marc Wallace interview in The City Magazine. For further information…
August 2, 2011/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Velvet Suit

Black Velvet Suit Wedding Magazine

Marc Wallace black velvet suit, white evening shirt, dotted silk…
August 2, 2011/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Tan Wool Grooms Suit

Brides Magazine

Rust seersucker suit, matching low scoop waistcoat, white shirt,…
August 2, 2011/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Marc Wallace Ivory Wedding Suit

Wedding Magazine Tailored Ivory Suit

Marc Wallace ivory wool tailored suit, matching waistcoat, ivory…
August 2, 2011/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Pale Blue Cord Suit

You & Your Wedding Magazine Pale Blue Corduroy Suit

Marc Wallace pale blue narrow cord three piece suit, matching…
August 2, 2011/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Pale Blue Wedding Suit

Wedding Magazine Pale Blue Luxury Cotton Suit

Marc Wallace pale blue luxury cotton tailored suit, styled with…
August 2, 2011/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Black Grooms Suit

Bridal Buyer Magazine Black Striped Grooms Suit

Marc Wallace black self stripe wool suit, white shirt, black…
August 2, 2011/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Purple Mohair Suit

Brides Magazine Purple Mohair Suit

Marc Wallace purple wool & mohair tailored three piece suit,…
August 2, 2011/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID
Grey Tailored Wedding Suit

Wedding Magazine Textured Grey Tailored Suit

Marc Wallace ready to wear collection, mid grey wool suit, ivory…
August 2, 2011/by 7Gq1Krc1YmID