How to Work Out in Your Suit

So say goodbye to aching muscles and say hello to a new more supple you.

With hectic work schedules and a busy social life it has become difficult to find time to exercise. At Marc Wallace we have found a way to exercise while at work, without even changing out of your suit. Yes you read it right Exercises in your Suit!!

With the help of Joe Wicks (thebodycoach) and some 1900’s school of health tips we have illustrated how to carry out some simple stretches in your suit.

Check out Joe’s website, The Body Coach for your personal 90 plan for a leaner you.

We do not take any responsibility for any damage you may cause to your suit while carrying out these exercises. We recommend you carry out these exercises in your scheduled break and preferably at a gym. We do however take responsibility for any dates you may get due to your new physique….

Marc Wallace Navy Suit

Stand up straight with your arms by your side reaching as far down as possible


Move both arms up in front of you until they are level with your shoulders, reach as far forward as possible.


Bring both arms in towards you in line with your chest so that your fingertips are touching.


Swing both arms out to the side in line with your shoulders and stretch your arms as much as possible.



To finish raise both hands above your head and move up onto your tiptoes to give that extra stretch.

Currency Printed Jacket Lining

When having your Marc Wallace bespoke suit made, choosing a lining is tricky at the best of times. With this red double breasted hopsack suit we selected a mixed currency printed lining. The suit was styled with a double breasted peak lapel waistcoat, great when you want to remove your jacket in the evening.

Currency Printed Lining

Currency Printed Lining


Grey Houndstooth Flannel Suit

A new colour this season is vintage grays, a mix of soft and mid grays create a great look. We have a new double breasted suit design styled with slim trousers or Oxford bags. When thinking about a new suit why not try on the double breasted jacket, well worth trying to see how you feel.

With our new range of beautiful fabrics in this season, well worth popping in to see the collection, drop us a line or call 020 7731 4575 to make an appointment.

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