Luxury Tailored Mens White Suits, Suited and Booted Style

Thinking of wearing a white suit this season? While the white suit is a bold move, and yes, guys like Mark Ronson are going to look great in a white suit, it’s not something you should avoid entirely. Even if you’re pushing 50 and only go to parties, weddings and on holiday occationally, it can still be a great good look as long as the suit is well tailored and proportioned to your size.

White Cotton Suit-Linen Suits-Marc Wallace-Tailoring-Fashion-Wedding-Holiday


Street Style-White Suit-Menswear Collection-Fashion-Luxury-White Cototn-Hat-Shirt-Tie

For the fashion-conscious and fashionista, the Marc Wallace white cotton slim cut suit is a great option to be noticed, trousers are shorter with narrow hems, jacket is slightly longer and tailored the body. This is something you can strut your stuff in, hold you head up high and feel good. Ready to wear white suit £795 from the Marc Wallace collection.


White Suit-Black Tie-Menswear Collection-Fashion-Luxury-White Cototn-Shirt-Tie-Wedding-Groom

Linen is a fantastic cloth to wear, if you’re on holiday and looking for that relaxed but smart look, or attending an overseas summer wedding, this will keep you cool with a dash of dapper style. This suit we cut with a looser fit on the jacket and trousers, the trousers are straight legged with the jacket having broader shoulders giving unrestricted movement. Suit £995


Mark Ronson-White Suit-Red Shirt-Menswear Collection-Fashion-Luxury-White Linen

Mark Ronson musician, DJ, singer, songwriter, and record producer wearing a Marc Wallace bespoke white cotton slim cut suit £1795, adding colour with a red Marc Wallace shirt £125.


Grooms Wedding Suit-White Suits-Marc-Wallace-Bowtie-Vintage-Style-Fashion-Menswear

Grooms Wedding Suit-White Suits-Marc-Wallace-Magazine-Luxury-Style-Fashion-Menswear

Marc Wallace white Italian cotton suit £1195, white shirt £79 and cerise bowtie £49 adding bold colour to the look.


Marc Wallace made to measure enables you to select your cloth, lining, buttons and trimmings, we then measure you to ensure the perfect fit. If you would like to book an appointment email or We are always on hand to help and give advice.

Ready to wear suits start from £495

Made to measure suits start from £1195

Made to measure suit with extra trousers £1440.

Made to measure waistcoats from £295

Made to measure jackets start from £800

Made to measure trousers start from £395

Alexandra and Adrian


Green Suit White Shirt Floral Tie

Mint Green Linen Suit Pink Shirt Floral Tie

Grooms outfit: Light weight sage linen suit, pale pink shirt, MW Floral tie.
Brides Dress: D&G (Catwalk finale dress – Summer 2011)
Venue: Greatworth, Northamptonshire
Photographer: Tom Weller Photography
Flowers: Janet Cropley
Cake: We didn’t have one!
Top Tip for the day: Why wear white when you can wear flowers!
Grooms outfit: Sage linen suit, pink cotton shirt, MW floral tie.