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Picking a great lining for inside you jacket has alway been a fun experience in mens tailoring. Over the years the lining in side a mans tailored jacket has been area where you can let go, add a slash of colour, pick a funky print, or go for a classic like to polka dot to a paisley.

Featured Printed Lining-Suit-Tailored-Bespoke

At Marc Wallace we’ve design and made this beautiful mid grey textured light weight tweed suit, lined with a coloured hummingbird lining, looks great with our mid grey and navy fabrics.

Marc Wallace-Jacket Lining-Bespoke-Design-Tailoring-Tweed-Suits


Style & Threads: Suit look, mid grey textured tweed suit (To order), white round collar shirt £89, navy & grey check cashmere waistcoat £395 (To order), summer floral navy print tie £59.
Marc Wallace-Tailored-Jacket-Tux-Grey Velvet-Suit-Suited-Menswear-Bespoke

Lining Inspiration-Suit-Tailored-Bespoke-Marc Wallace

We have some great lining to choose from this season, when having your Marc Wallace jacket or suit made, have a look at some of these lining ideas to give you a little inspiration. If you would like any further information or swatches on our linings drop us a line

Small-Fish-Suit Lining-Bespoke Menswear-Marc Wallace Suits-Gold-Yellow

Humming Bird-Print-Suit Lining-Made to Measure-Aua Blue-Pink-Yellow-Marc Wallace Tailored

Vintage-Paisley Print Lining-Tailored Suits-Auq Blue-Navy-Ivory-Red-Marc Wallace Tailored

Suit-Boats-Sailing-Printed LIning-Suits-Red-Blue-Marc Wallace-Cloth

Tropical Plants Print-Lining-Suits-Made to Measure-Navy-Red-Orange-Purple-Marc Wallace Tailored

Suit-Animal Print-LIning-Suits-Grey-Charcoal-Cerise-Marc Wallace-Cloth

Marc Wallace-Tailored-Suits-Bike Lining-Bikes-Vintage-Tailored

Slate Grey Paisley Woven Lining Marc Wallace

Abstract Images Colourful Lining Marc Wallace


By choosing a made to order Marc Wallace garment, this enables you to select your cloth and lining from our current collection. If you would like to book an appointment email for further information and fabric swatches. We are always on hand to help and give advice.

Made to measure suits start from £1195 + with extra trousers £1440.

Made to measure waistcoats from £295, jackets from £800, trousers from £395

Graphic text print wedding lining

Nick and his wife both looking amazing on their wedding day. Nick wore a textured flannel wool 3 piece tailored Marc Wallace suit with a graphic printed text lining. Ivory classic Marc Wallace shirt, champaign narrow silk tie and printed hanky.


Graphic designer Nick lined his wedding suit with the text of all the messages he and his future wife had sent each other via the dating site where they met. After Nicks meeting with Marc, he suggested looking at having a personal lining printed.


Marc Wallace personalised printed lining & hanky

Graphic designer Nick lined his wedding suit with the text of all the messages he and his future wife had sent each other via the dating site where they met

Nick is the Creative Head for the Clarks Shoes in-house creative studio in Somerset. He met his future wife, Jen, three years ago on the dating site Match Affinity. “We spent a lot of time messaging each other and it became apparent very early on that we got on. After a week or so we met on a date and two years later we got engaged,” Reeve says.


“I approached Marc Wallace, a tailor who works out of Bath and London, about a made-to-measure suit for our wedding. We got chatting and discovered we both had a passion for design. He mentioned that it was possible to digitally print on silk and that it may be nice to come up with a unique design for the lining of the suit.”


Printed text hanky

For further information about Marc Wallace personalised printed linings and design service email: Contact

New In – Be Personal With Your Suit Lining

This season Marc Wallace is offering a personal lining service. This enables you to print an image to a jacket / waistcoat lining, to have your lining printed let the Marc Wallace design dept arrange this. Once you’re happy with the artwork, printing takes around 2 week. Prices start form £125. For further information please email us or call 01225 466 155.

Marc Wallace Printed Lining