Summer Wedding Grooms Tailored Navy Suit

Marc Wallace designed and created a beautiful tailored three piece navy textured wool suit for this country summer wedding.



Grooms Suit- Tailored Marc Wallace navy textured wool three piece suit

Dress: Stewart Parvin.

Florist- Joanna Carter

Chandeliers and Draping in Refectory- Stressfreehire

Photobooth- BoothNation

Videographer- White Dress Films


Our guests were blown away by Notley Abbey and the whole day certainly didn’t disappoint.

We were well looked after, the wedding food was great and Notley Abbey was such an amazing backdrop for our special day. It was so lovely to have our family stay over with us and then have breakfast together the next day. It really gave us a great opportunity to relive the day before and carry on celebrating.

Leading up to the Wedding Day we found the wedding planning site very useful as it allowed you to make changes and show an amended price.

We would recommend Notley Abbey to future brides as the exclusive use of the venue is a huge bonus and the location is breathtaking.

Advice for future couples:

In the planning process, don’t get bogged down and if you like something then just book it! You can spend hours looking at alternatives but you will always go back to the first thing you looked at! On the Wedding Day make sure you take a step back and just watch your guests having a great time and take in the whole thing as it will whizz by.  Remember if something goes wrong don’t worry, no-one else will notice on the day as they didn’t know what it was suppose to be like.


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Marc Wallace navy wool Prince of Wales 3 piece suit.

Shirt and Cufflink Accessories

Finish your look with Marc Wallace accessories, shirts, cufflinks, ties, socks and much more. For your bast-man and ushers.


Marc Wallace cotton floral printed tie




The Pocket Square Finishing Touch

One thing is true about looking your best, detail and style matter. The use of a pocket square is a great addition of texture and colour to your look. If you’re dressing up a jacket or slipping into a Marc Wallace bespoke two or three piece suit, top it off with one of our beautiful pocket squares.

New Marc Wallace Love Pocket Square

Falling In Love Pocket Square

Falling In Love Pocket Square


Folding Your Pocket Square

With a pocket square you have a few options on how to fold, here are the best options for folding your pocket square with style: The Straight Fold, Scrunch Fold, The One Peak Fold.  Would not bother with the 3 and 4 peak fold, will not score you any style points.

The Scrunch

Falling In Love pocket Square Blue

Falling In Love pocket Square Blue

The Straight Fold

Pock Square the Straight Fold

Pock Square the Straight Fold